Juvederm is one of our favourite brand of dermal fillers, manufactured by Allergan

There are several fillers within the range and the most popular is Juvederm VOLUMA which  was specifically created to address the problem of lost volume in the face. The mid-face is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging and this can become more apparent with age as the skin loses fullness or volume, and can appear to ‘deflate’ and/or ‘descend’ (sag).

Juvéderm® VOLUMA is ideal for use in gently plumping and smoothing areas such as:

  • cheeks
  • cheekbones
  • chin
  • mid-face area
  • temples
  • jawline


Like others in the Juvéderm range, VOLUMA is a hyaluronic acid based product. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin which holds many times it’s own weight in water, making it a very effective volumiser. As natural stores of hyaluronic acid deplete with age, so the skin becomes looser and lines appear.

Juvéderm® VOLUMA is an exceptionally smooth filler, developed with Allergan’s patented “VYCROSS™ technology”. This makes it easy to inject precisely into the areas that need it, recreating volume within the skin for a natural look and smooth and even result.


At Wansford cosmetic , filler injections are only done by Dr Amrit Takhar  who is trained in advanced techniques for excellent results with minimum discomfort or downtime. Juvéderm® VOLUMA contains Lidocaine – a small local anaesthetic which ensures that the injecting experience is comfortable throughout.


The results of mid-face revolumisation with Juvéderm® VOLUMA have been proven to last up to 18 months.