Male Patient

Male Aesthetics

Male patients are coming forward in the fight against ageing. While treating the forehead and crows feets is well established (the so-called Brotox) when it comes to dermal fillers the practitioner has to understand the different feaures of the male face to get the natural and subtle results which male patients should expect.

The male physique includes:
Slightly narrower eyes
Heavier eye lids
Slightly longer and / or wider nose
Slightly thinner lips (especially upper lip)
Squarer and / or larger jaws.

Therefore the common effective treatments are treating the jawline and chin and then careful cheek treatments which will also support the tear trough.
The male jawline is wide and well-defined with a large masseter bulk, giving it a squarer appearance . Treatment will project the jaw laterally and strengthen the jawline, resulting in a square jaw which is desirable in a man.
We can elongate the chin or enhance forward projection with dermal fillers. Increasing the forward projection of the chin will help tighten the skin around the jawline area. The lateral borders of the chin can also be enhanced, which would result in a squarer chin, as well as adding definition to the jawline.
Cheek treatment uses less volume than in the female to ensure a natural contour.
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