Price list for procedures
Wrinkle relaxing injections
1 Area £200 e.g. Crows feet lines around eyes
2 Areas £250 e.g.  Frown lines plus forehead lines
3 Areas £295  (frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet )

Example dermal filler costs
Indicative treatment of the different areas is shown below. We recommend an initial medical consultation so that we can help plan your treatment over time. Remember the fillers we use such as Juvederm voluma usually last around 12 months and then topups can maintain the improvement or enhance it further

  • Nasolabial lines treatment -£450
  • Marionette lines treatment £550
  • Jawline contouring £550
  • 8 point non-surgical facelift £1200
  • Chin reshaping £450-£650
  • Lip enhancements from £300

The fee will be agreed with you as each treatment is bespoke

Hyperhidrosis treatment ( excessive sweating )  £375

Cryotherapy £150 for skin tags and warts

Plexr Non-surgical Eyelid Correction (Blepharoplasty)- 1-3 treatments usually required.

Plexr Upper or Lower eyelids – £450 first treatment (Further treatments £350 as may need up to 3 treatments )

Plexr Crow’s Feet area £450 for first treatment  £250 if topup treatment needed)

Plexr Facelift – Mini: £450   Maxi: £795

Plexr Necklift – £495 (if further treatment necessary; charged at £295)

PLEXR mole/skin tag removal – from £295 (price on consultation)